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2493 Chessboard - Crystal AB and Effects

[Crystal AB Thumbprint]  Crystal AB     [Crystal Copper Thumbprint]  Crystal Copper    [Crystal Golden Shadow thumbprint]  Crystal Golden Shadow   [Crystal Silver Shade Thumbprint]  Crystal Silver Shade

[Jet Thumbprint]  Jet                 [Aquamarine] Aquamarine          [Black Diamond Thumbprint]  Black Diamond                 [Light Rose Thumbprint]  Light Rose

[Light Siam Thumbprint]  Light Siam

One of the newest Swarovski stones and argueably one of the best.  This stone has to be seen to be believed.

It is available in a range of sizes and colours.

Now available in 20mm & 30mm







  • 8mm    0.55 (0.66 incl VAT)
  • 10mm  0.79  (0.95 incl VAT)
  • 12mm  1.00  (1.20 incl VAT)
  • 20mm  3.54  (4.25 incl VAT)
  • 30mm  7.71  (9.25 incl VAT) Jet Only